My experience as Voodoo Spell Caster as a voodoo witch doctor

 I have gained my magical knowledge during many travels to different parts of the world. by voodoo masters in Africa and South America and by Mages in Europe and there is an African witch doctor near me. Being trying to forward my knowledge further for almost 40 years. I offer my clients and my student’s meditation courses as a voodoo witch doctor, seminars about tarot reading, and also seminars about white magic and voodoo.

Such seminars provide participants with the information necessary for their successful magical practice, especially how should one work with his/her inner self.  Nobody can make a mage from you, you have to exercise, try different approaches, and gain your own experience as a voodoo witch doctor. But another time you have the freedom to decide how and what you will do and in this space, you have to find your own style of work.


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Voodoo Spells- how to perform rituals

My experience has shown me, that adepts should perform rituals according to their personal way of thinking and internal belief. Every Student or Mage is different. One is attracted by the traditional way of doing rituals, for another works Chaos magic very well. It is ok.  You have to be the Authority. You have to find a way, how to create your authority and power over your ritual. For this purpose, you should use in your ritual the analogies and symbols for a voodoo witch doctor, which represents your desire and support it. Each object, which is present in your ritual, should have for you some deeper meaning.

I have experienced that many people try to cast a spell, but they don’t take into consideration the Law of Analogy, and therefore spell doesn’t work! We take an example of a love spell. One man wanted to perform a love spell. He had instructions on how he should proceed. But this man didn’t want to trouble himself with looking for green candles. So he used candles he had at home, even in the wrong colors! One cannot cast a spell successfully if he/she doesn’t take into consideration the Laws of Analogy!

A voodoo witch doctor

Another big mistake people usually do is, that they don’t pay proper attention to the creation of a magic circle. Many people simply don’t concentrate properly on the circle and that means also on protection. Their attention is shallow and can be disturbed from the main focus easily! the properly made circle will prevent them to go in and they stay outside! So, one has to concentrate on drawing as strong as possible! One has to be sure, s/he is really safe and an African witch doctor near me. Nothing and nobody shall divert your attention and interrupt you.

Baba voodoo experience: You can see also answers to clients’ frequently asked questions. Everyone is most welcome in our Voodoo spells home. Here you can enjoy professionally guided meditation, find out more about what white magic is, let us read for you tarot cards and counsel you what steps should be taken.

Do you have a feeling that Voodoo spells can help you?

Do you have a problem making a decision? Don’t you know what should be your next step? Can’t you predict the consequences of your action? We will help you in the process of decision-making. Try to imagine how many things you would do differently if you knew their consequences beforehand? We will help you to have a look at your situation from a spiritual point of view and we will support you in solving your problems.