Voodoo believers fear a backlash

Voodoo believers fear a backlash

BOSTON – Two separate crimes against children in recent days have one haunting similarity and Voodoo believers fear a backlash. authorities have pointed to Voodoo rituals as a possible motive. But practitioners of Haitian Voodoo, which adherents spell differently to […]

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Voodoo Secretes and practices

Voodoo is a sensationalized pop-culture caricature of voodoo, an Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Haiti. Though Haitian Voodoo religion followers can be found in Jamaica, Benin. The Dominican Republic, Brazil, the United States and elsewhere. It has very little to […]

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The reality of Voodoo in Benin

As Pope Benedict XVI visits Benin, widely seen as the home of Voodoo. Virgile Ahissou from BBC Afrique explains the reality behind what is often a misunderstood religion. Voodoo is completely normal in Benin. People across West Africa, especially Togo, […]

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What is Haitian Voodoo?

For many in the West, Voodoo invokes images of animal sacrifices, magical dolls and chanted spells. But Voodoo – as practiced in Haiti and by the black diaspora in the United States, South America and Africa. Is a religion based […]

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Haiti: Possessed by Voodoo

In Haiti voodoo believers pray and perform animal sacrifices to feed and beckon the spirits. Then they dance until a spirit takes over their bodies and, says, heals them or offers advice. THE CEREMONY BEGINS with a Roman Catholic prayer. […]